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Serenity Now! Package

Serenity Now! Package

Heaven Scent Massage / Éminence Organic Facial

Your serenity starts with your nose!  Choose one of our custom aroma- therapy blends to help guide you into the moment.  Relax, uplift and let go as you receive a wonderful full body massage.  Next an organic treat for your face, a European style facial to transcend you to serenity.  A delicious assortment of cleansers, masks and creams are carefully selected for you and your skins preference. Magnifique!

2 hours $155

Bliss Spa Package


LaStoneŽ Therapy Massage / Éminence Organic Facial

The ultimate experience of being in a state of here nor there, somewhere in-between awake and asleep.....your mind, your body, your spirit is entangled in a flow of movement.  With the use of warm basalt, cool marble and the experience of Linda´s training, intuition and intention you are transcended into deep relaxation.  Your passage continues onto a delightful organic sensation of fruits, herbs, flowers and essences to awake the senses and take you on a trip to Hungary!  Bon Voyage!

2.5 hours $190

Cloud Nine Spa Package

Cloud Nine

Éminence Organic Facial / Body & Soul Massage / Sol Pedicure

Starting with your feet we begin with a luxurious soak and continue with a perfect pedicure.  Organic dead sea salts, shea butter and peppermint are some of the ingredients to begin your tour of happiness.  A body and soul massage ensues while your feet are tingling with delight.  Your last stop begins with a cloud of steam and beautiful essences of the Eminence formula to tantalize, rejuvenate and transport your essence...

3 hours $195

Seventh Heaven Spa Package

Seventh Heaven

Body & Soul Massage / Sol Manicure & Pedicure

A gift for your well worked hands and tired toes,  a gentle soak, a classic manicure and a splendid skilled pedicure to set you in a state of repose.  Your treatment continues with a full body massage suited for your preference of a  relaxing or deep tissue session.  Heavenly!

2.5 hours $160

Elation Spa Package


Salty Sea Scrub / Short 'n Sweet Facial

An exhilarating, exfoliating full body exhalation!  Your skin is massaged with dead sea salts and oils, loosening dry skin while stimulating all your senses.  Next a sampling of our tasty facial tune-up.  A creamy lemon cleanser to begin, a mineral or rose-hip steam massage continuing with a suited soothing mask of your choice.  Your elation ends with a calming massage with one of our delicious Eminenence body lotions.  Tempting?

1.5 hours $110

Delight! Spa Package


Sol Pedicure / Short 'n Sweet Facial

Your delight starts with a herbal soak with smooth baby basalt stones to gently massage your feet.  Next sit back, lie back on a comfy massage bed while your feet experience a perfect pedicure.  While your shiny toes are drying, savour a sweet treat for your face, our pure products from Hungary please the senses to cleanse, to exfoliation and moisturize.  A joy!

1.5 hours $90